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  • £1.69

    Fudco Ajwain Seeds 100G Ajwain seeds are also known as Carrom Seeds, In Indian food, ajwain seeds are used in curries and as a tadka in pakoras and dals, Ajwain seeds cane...

  • £1.20

    Fudco Bay Leaves 10g,50g,100g Bay leaves can be used in many types of cuisines, from Spanish and French to Indian and Thai. Bay leaves are used frequently in most Indian...

  • £2.49

    Fudco Whole Red Chilli Stemless 100g Use these quality red chilies in your everyday cooking to add that special aroma, these stemless whole red chilies are used to make chilli...

  • £2.49

    Fudco Black Cardamom 50g Black cardamom is a popular Indian spice, called badi elaichi (big cardamom) or kali elaichi (black cardamom) and is used in many of the cuisine's signature dishes like curries or...

  • £2.49

    Fudco Whole Cloves 50g,150g,300g Whole cloves are commonly used whole or ground. People often include ground cloves in spice mixes and whole cloves in recipes to add depth and flavor to...

  • £1.79

    Fudco Fennel Seeds 100g-800g These dried seeds are used as a spice to provide an aniseed flavour and a warm, sweet aroma. Fennel seeds may be used to calm the stomach and offer quick relief from...

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Customer reviews

I bought this after watching a video on you tube on how to make Chutney, a great little tool.

Sarah Gregory

One of the best machines out there for spices, next-day delivery was earlier than expected. All good here.


I bought these for my bar replacing an old set, the glasses are exactly the same as the old set, great

James Smith